Welcome, to the home of the LW.Org community and LW.Org IM public jabber/xmpp service.

New joiners information..

A friendly reminder for new users: LW.Org offers its users a Public jabber/xmpp service which you can register an account for here. After you registered you can access it through our web client (Jappix a great opensource web app by the PostPro association) at im.lightwitch.org which is on the site's primary links menu.

Or if you have a stand alone client of your own you can access the service by pointing it to lightwitch.org after you registered an account.

If you want to only access our web groupchats you can from now access 'em from: webchat.lightwitch.org

Site Cleanout of unused posts and sections.

I just began cleaning out the site from some of the older posts (2009-2010), unused taxonomies/tags and unused sections, this will help in eventually updating the site to a newer version of Drupal (finally) and/or transitioning off to a new CMS.

Most was silly image content, posts about activities that from long is outside from lightwitch.org's management.

The most visible clear out is about the Star Trek Online section which is shrinked down to the essential, since the ship database was both incomplete and completely outdated also.

Storm Maintenance.

We are conducting a planned maintenance on Storm, all xmpp services will be down during this time. Our ETA is around 30 minutes, sorry for the inconvenience.

XMPP Server Machine Maintenance.

Beginning now (2:30 am CET), we will be moving Storm to a new server, downtime should be around 40 minutes. All XMPP Services will not be available during this time, sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT: Server is back up (2:54 am CET)

Regarding 5th Manifesto day.

Beginning effectively today, abiding to the XMPP Manifesto on Ubiquitous Encryption, federation with the lightwitch.org xmpp service will be impossible for those services which servers aren't capable of stream encryption.

This unfortunately will affect services like gmail.com and all Google Hosted xmpp services, cisco.com and all Webex hosted services, all services which run obsolete server software in general, etc.

We decided that we won't make exceptions to allow communicating with users of those services as that would effectively open holes and void efforts to increase the security of the xmpp network.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope this will shake the above mentioned services to adeguate to the new situation or alternatively, its users to move away from them.

LW.Org IM's CA is being deactivated.

As far as it concerns LW.Org IM, so far 0 requests to have a IM certificate to use for account login were received and since EJBCA consumes a lot of cyclone resources this is how it's gonna work from now...

Metronome now has a adhoc based module to allow managing account associated client certificates it's current very basic but works, it will allow users to even specify self-signed certificates as what matters for the server is that the said certificate matches and is valid not that it's actually trusted (to manage certificates you will be required to secure your connection with starttls though).

Metronome 3.4 is behind the corner...

Since this release is taking more then usual...

But there have been many API and core changes and feature additions, including but not limited to:

  • Pluggable and event based routing API (core.stanza_router o/...)
  • Many storage improvements (thanks to John Regan for contributing)
  • Changes to namespacing
  • Changes to modulemanager and Module API
  • Dialback graceful errors handling initial support
  • Bidirectional s2s streams support
  • WebSocket API and initial xmpp over WebSockets support
  • Logic to make BOSH attachment easier by having Metronome do the session warming internally

And some more stuff, I prefer code to be throughly tested before finalizing the release so it'll be in RC state for a bit to avoid to leave any uncatched bug.

XMPP Server unexpected downtime.

My upstream provider informed me, that the physical machine of the server is undergoing an emergency maintenance.
Unfortunately, and annoyingly I may add, an ETA wasn't properly provided.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

EDIT: The problem is now resolved (22:15 UTC)


"Ubiquitous Encryption in XMPP", Day One.

The 4th of Jenuary will be the first test day for the xmpp network securing efforts shakedowns, since we signed the manifesto (which can be found here) in order to partecipate to the test we will require clients and servers to encrypt their streams to the LW.Org IM xmpp server in order to communicate.

This will probably cause issues talking with some remote services and will prevent communication with Google hosted xmpp services and GTalk.

We decided due to Timezones differences to begin in advance the test.

Sorry in advance for eventual troubles this may cause, but it'll be only from now to the midnite of the 5th Jenuary :).

XMPP accounts password reset system in place.

Due to changes to Metronome's code,

All users who have registered after the 25th February 2012 and perhaps have an associated valid mail address hash to their accounts will be able to now change and reset their account password in case they lose it by theirselves.

For users who have registered prior of that date feel free to contact me via xmpp should you want to have a mail address hash associated with your account.